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Termite is a common pest that invades many homes. Commonly known for its prowess in wood destruction, this tiny animal is bound to cause a lot of damage in your home when leftover time. Mostly found in the soil, around your wooden structures, termites, if left to reproduce, would eat down your entire foundation made of wood.

termite control in Mansfield TX

The thought of these small insects eating down your home is creepy, right? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore since there is termite control in Mansfield TX companies. This article will put into detail more matters such as; how to identify termites in your home, how to prevent termites in your home, and in case a termite infestation hits your home, what will be the most effective termite control methods.


How to identify termites in your home

Termites are secretive making them so uneasy to identify. Surprisingly, termites can invade your home and finish up your wooden structure without even you figuring it out. It is more likely that you would identify the damages caused before identifying the termites. However, with some techniques, you can easily identify termites in your home before mode damages are caused.

  • Check for mud tubes wherever the ground meets your home, tree, animal shed, and other wooden structures
  • Check for termite swarms. Termites fly in swarms during mating seasons and looking for new homes. Once they settle, they break off their wings. Checking around for termite wings around your home would be one of the ways to identify their presence.
  • Blistering in wood flooring. This is a sign that the termites are feeding on within the wood.
  • Hollowed wood that has been fed on.
  • Termite droppings around the wood

Termite control in Mansfield TX | Control methods in your home

For starters, identifying the type of termites that has infested your home would be critical for an effective control method. Different types of termites have different control methods for effectiveness. Below are common ways to control termites in your home.

  • Utilize Non-chemical treatments like the release of Nematodes and exposure to sunlight
  • Chemical treatments like the use of pesticides
  • Soil treatment in the infested area
  • Liquid treatments like the use of termiticides
  • Temperature sensitivity treatment
  • Using bait

How to prevent termites in your home

  • Dispose of the unused logs and timber around your home since they attract termites
  • Store firewood at least 20 feet from the house
  • Annual professional inspection
  • Eliminate or reduce moisture around your home
  • Treating the woods that will be used during construction
  • Avoid using timber in constructing your home foundation
  • Regular checking around your home for mud tubes
  • Using baits after finishing construction
  • Soil treatment after construction is done
  • Exposure of your wooden structure to sunlight

Identifying the presence of termites and eliminating them early enough protects you from huge losses that come with the cost of repairs. However, in combating termites, our safety, and those that we care for should be the top priority. Pets and environmental health should also be regarded. Calling experts for the job would be highly advised for a perfectly done job.

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